Puppy Overview

2012 Litter: Duncan X Trudy

2012 Litter: Duncan X Trudy


We are planning on a litter of puppies this coming mid October, 2019, out of Ruth, who has proven herself to be a fantastic dam from her spring litter. She has been bred to Andretti (Am Ch Sauvies Island Sun), a happy, friendly and confident white Standard Poodle, also an American Champion who has cleared the Poodle Club of America health test requirements. (Please learn more about Andretti from the Sauvie Island Standard Poodles web site.)

A recent ultrasound test confirmed that Ruth is pregnant with several puppies! We are now accepting deposits from caring homes as per our deposit policies on our “contact/sale” web page. We expect both white/cream and black puppies from this breeding.



When our puppies are about four weeks old, they are moved with their dam to the kitchen area at the center of our home. This is where many other dogs stay and play, and where many different people come to interact with them. All of our eight adult Poodles live in our home with us as part of our family.

In addition, the puppies are exposed to many different home items (vacuum cleaners, umbrellas, stereo music, food processors, sliding doors, etc.) and grooming tools (hair dryers, brushes, spray bottles, etc.) They are given a variety of objects and dog toys for their learning and fun throughout their development. And of course, they play with their litter mates much of their awake time.

We keep our pups until they are nine weeks old so they have the very best start in their new, permanent homes. In addition to being well-socialized, the puppies are well fed and in good weight, veterinarian checked, vaccinated appropriate to age, and groomed. They are clean, healthy, and parasite free. The puppies have been introduced to crate, potty, and lead training, and they come with a health guarantee from genetic issues sometimes found in Poodles.

Thank you for your interest in Canzone Standard Poodles. We hope to hear from you soon after you explore our web page!

Jeff Smith
August, 2019

Phone: 503-892-3100
Email: jeff@canzonestandardpoodles.com

Ruth, An American Champion

Ruth, An American Champion

Andretti, An American Champion

Andretti, An American Champion


Temperament, Health & Conformation

Stud Dog

ANDRETTI (Am Champion Sauvies Island Sun) is about 26 inches tall and 65 pounds. He is known by his owner, Pat Forsyth of Portland, Oregon, as enthusiastic, friendly, athletic, and full of fun. Andretti moves with regal pride and stunning, correct carriage and movement that causes even the most discerning to say, “Wow!” His hips have cleared the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals test as “excellent.” His pedigree is built on many years of successful Poodle breeding by Pat who has bred several outstanding Poodles during the past several years! This will be Andretti’s first litter as he is only selectively used for breeding to bitches who have proven themselves in the show ring, and who have a record of health and good temperament. Andretti has cleared the genetic tests recommended by the Poodle Club of America.

Canzone Breeding Bitches

RUTH (Am Champion Safari’s Canzone Di Compassione), about 23 inches tall and 50 pounds, gives us lessons on how to get along with all other family members, including some very other assertive Poodles! Ruth is loyal, upbeat, good-natured, confident, playful, and a good problem-solver. She is an “easy keeper” as she eats well, potties herself quickly after meals, keeps herself clean, and responds to training cues. In addition to wrestling with the other dogs, she loves to play ball, and makes a great shortstop! Her breeder is Cynthia Huff and Joel Haefner who have been breeding wonderful, healthy Poodles for about 40 years. Ruth’s sire (Grand Champion HG Safari’s Subversion) is featured on the Sept-Oct, 2018 edition of Poodle Variety magazine. Ruth has cleared the genetic tests recommended by the Poodle Club of America: Chic # 132480.