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If you are considering the purchase of a puppy, please do the following:

Call Jeff Smith at 503-892-3100, or
Email Jeff Smith:; or
Complete the Canzone Standard Poodles Puppy Application and send it to the following:

Canzone Standard Poodles
Jeff Smith
7485 SW Gordana Court
Portland, Oregon 97223

Sales Information

Our puppies are sold on a first come, first serve basis based on the sex, color, and temperament needs expressed by prospective buyers. We guarantee puppies to be free of genetic health issues as tested for Standard Poodles.

The owners and breeders always reserve the right to pick and keep show and breeding puppies determined at eight weeks of age. Show quality dogs may be sold with co-ownership agreements in accordance with the Poodle Club of America ethics. 

Puppies who do not qualify as show or potential breeding dogs will make outstanding companions. Puppies are sold on a companion basis with spay and neuter agreements.

All of our Poodle puppies are raised in our home in the midst of family life.  From day one they are handled, socialized, and groomed in preparation for their future lives.

We will orient new owners and send puppies to their new homes with much information:  veterinary history of the puppy, a written health guarantee, feeding schedule, future vaccination schedule and information about the parents including pedigrees and health testing.  We expect to be available for consultation on the phone following puppy placement.

We will only sell to responsible homes whose occupants understand the requirements to take the best care of a puppy.  We reserve the right not to sell to homes that do not meet requirements to the time and care needed for a new puppy.

A $500 deposit  and completed application are required to reserve a puppy.  This is non-refundable deposit as per the policy on good faith deposits (attached on the agreements page). We accept deposits only when we have a confirmed pregnancy by ultrasound.

Please see the “Sample Purchase Agreement” for the details about puppy purchase.  A puppy will only be released from its litter after nine weeks old to provide for good socialization behavior.  Releasing puppies at this time also allows careful selection of puppies to best match their new homes.

Contracts and Agreements

Puppy Application for Companion Puppies:  You can print this out, fill it out, and send it.  Or you can call Jeff Smith (503-892-3100) and visit on the phone.

For Show Puppies and Co-Breeder Contract:  Please Contact Jeff Smith, 503-892-3100.  We will only enter a co-breeding contract with responsible Poodle breeders for Standard Poodles, not any other breed!

Thank you for your interest in Canzone Standard Poodles bred for top quality health, temperament, pedigree, and conformation. Please answer the following questions as this assists us in understanding your needs and then matching your interests for the right puppy.

Physical Address:
Mailing Address:
Phone: Home-                Work-                Cell-

About you and your family:
Do you have children at home?  If so, how many and what age?

Do you own or rent?        House?  Condo?  Apartment?

Do you have a fenced yard?  If so, please describe in detail, its material (wood, metal, chain, etc.), height, and approximate size:

Have you owned a poodle before?  Do you own a poodle now?  Where did you acquire your poodle?

Do you have any other dogs or pets?  Please describe:

What qualities and traits are you looking for in a Poodle?

Please describe what you most want in regard to the sex (male or female) and color (cream/white, black) of the puppy:

Have you ever turned an animal into an animal shelter or rescue?    If so, please explain the circumstances:

What value do you place on the health and well being of a pet?

Who in your family will most likely supervise and play with the puppy? How often will this person interact with your puppy?

Where will your pet spend its time during the day?
And at night?

Who will be the primary caregiver for your pet?

Do you have a veterinarian?  Name and number:

Please list one personal reference:

Length of time you have known this person:

Thank you for taking the time to complete this application. 

If you would like to make one of Canzone puppies a member of your family, and would like to reserve your puppy, please read the attached "Policy in Good Faith" deposits. When we have a confirmed pregnancy, you can enclose a $500.00 deposit (non-refundable) in the form of a cashiers check, money order or personal check made out to Jeff Smith.  This deposit will only be refunded if for any reason I as the seller decide not to sell said puppy, or if the seller does not have the color or sex of the puppy available as stated above.  

Please note:  Companion puppies will only be sold on a spay/neuter contract.  Conformation and breeding dogs are sold on a co-ownership contract agreement.

Send to:

Canzone Standard Poodles
Jeff Smith and Geoff Hunnicutt
7485 SW Gordana Ct
Portland, Oregon 97223


CANZONE Standard Poodles
Policy on Good Faith Deposits

1.    The deposit is non-refundable unless we do not have a puppy of the sex and color and from the litter you indicated at the time you made the deposit.  This means that if you suddenly change your mind and decide you do not want a dog, and a puppy of your preference is available, you will forfeit your deposit.  If we don’t have a puppy of the color, sex, and litter you want, we will promptly refund your deposit.

2.    At the time you make your deposit, you must indicate the color (white, black or color doesn’t matter) and sex (male, female or sex doesn’t matter) of the puppy you want.  This guarantees that we will be able to place the right puppy in the right home.  We make extensive efforts, by talking to buyers and by observing the puppies’ behavior, to match puppy and buyer closely.

3.    A deposit does not guarantee that you will be able to pick a puppy from several puppies.  If several pets are available in a given sex and color (say, there are three white boys), we will let buyers who have made deposits pick their puppies in the order their deposits were received.  This means that if buyer Jones made a deposit on April 21, and buyer Johnson made a deposit on May 2, Jones will be able to pick from the available pet white males.  Because we are show breeders, we reserve some puppies as show prospects, and so picking from among a large number of puppies is not possible.

4.    If there is not a puppy of the color and sex from the litter you indicated available, you may ask for your deposit back, change color, sex or litter desired, or hold the deposit for a planned litter.

5.    Once we have a confirmed pregnancy, interested buyers may visit our home before making a deposit.  This enables you to meet the Poodle relatives and see the environment in which the puppies are whelped and reared.

6.    You don’t have to make a deposit.  If you feel that putting down a deposit is not right for you, you can call back when the puppies are almost ready to leave (at seven or eight weeks) and ask if any are still available.

7.    A separate agreement, signed at the time you pay in full and pick up your puppy, includes a 72-hour health guarantee and a three-year genetic health guarantee.  A copy of this standard agreement is attached or available on the CANZONE Standard Poodle web page.

Acknowledgement of Deposit

The seller, Jeff Smith, acknowledges receipt of a deposit of $500.00 (toward the total puppy cost of $2,000.00)
to reserve a puppy from a standard poodle litter due ______________________
with sire:  ________________________ and dam:  _______________________
The buyer, ___________________________________________________, has 
indicated a preference for the color:   

___   Cream/White  
___   Black 
___   Color does not matter

and a preference for the sex:        

___  Male
___   Female
___  Sex does not matter

The seller stipulates the following conditions governing this deposit:

•  The deposit is non-refundable unless we do not have a puppy of the sex and color and from the litter the buyer indicated at the time buyer made the deposit.

•  A deposit does not guarantee that buyer will be able to pick a puppy from several puppies.

•  A separate agreement, signed at the time buyer pays in full and picks up the puppy, includes a 72 hour health guarantee and a three-year genetic health guarantee.

Seller’s signature:  _________________________________________________

Date seller received deposit:  ________________________________________

Buyer’s Signature:  _________________________________________________

Buyer’s Printed Name:  ______________________________________________

Address:  ________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip:  ___________________________________________________

Phone:  _________________________________________________________


Sample Purchase Agreement for a companion puppy to be completed at puppy pick-up time.

Seller: Canzone Standard Poodles
Jeff Smith and Geoff Hunnicutt
7485 SW Gordana Ct
Portland, Oregon 97223
Voice: 503-892-3100 H

<<Address, phone, email>>>

A. Considerations. For the sum of  $2,000.00, Jeff Smith, of Portland, OR, (hereinafter referred to as seller), agrees to sell, and    ________________________  (hereinafter referred to as buyer) agrees to purchase one standard poodle, AKC litter registration number                    , born                              (hereinafter referred to as dog.)

B. Delivery. The dog is to be delivered to buyer on                            . The buyer is responsible for all shipping charges both to and from the seller.

C. Limited health guarantee. Seller agrees to refund purchase price of puppy upon return to seller or to replace puppy at no charge to buyer except transportation, if within 72 hours the dog is found to be suffering from infectious disease, attributable to the seller, as determined by a licensed veterinarian. Guarantee will exclude internal and external parasites. Discovery of disease must be documented in writing from the veterinarian and presented to the seller. Replacement animals are to be selected from littermates or the next available litter, at the seller's option.

D. Genetic health guarantee. In addition, if the dog is diagnosed as having hip dysplasia, sebaceous adenitis, von Willebrand’s disease, or genetic eye disease prior to 36 months of age, seller shall at buyer's option, replace dog under terms specified above (buyer pays for transportation, but not a new dog). Written proof of spaying or neutering of afflicted animal is required before replacement animal is provided.  Seller may require OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) confirmation of hip dysplasia, CERF confirmation of eye problems, and authoritative confirmation of sebaceous adenitis, as well as documentation from veterinarian involved.

E. Buyer’s obligations for responsible pet ownership
Buyer agrees:
1. To give this dog the proper care, nutrition, and shelter necessary to allow the dog to achieve his\her full genetic potential, and,

2. That this dog will carry the seller's kennel prefix, Canzone, and will consistently be exhibited in matches and any AKC sanctioned events under such registered name, and,

3. That upon deciding to sell this dog, buyer must notify seller and seller must be given first right of refusal of repurchase of said dog, and,

4. To provide routine veterinary care as well as care for illness, and,

5. To have this dog groomed on a regular basis as required for good health and appearance, and,

6. That neither this dog nor its offspring will be offered for sale to pet shops, puppy mills, or their representatives or suppliers.

F. Alteration Conditions.  Buyer agrees that this dog is being purchased as a pet only, and that the guarantee of show or breeding quality is neither made nor implied. Buyer agrees to have this dog altered (spayed or neutered) between the ages of 12 months and 18 months of age. The AKC registration form will be withheld until the seller receives a statement verifying the alteration from the veterinarian performing the surgery. Limited registration AKC papers are to be provided at that time.

G. Liability Conditions. The seller's guarantee is null and void if any of the above-mentioned conditions are not met, or if there is a change of ownership of this dog. Seller is not responsible for this dog if it has suffered neglect, mistreatment, or exhibits temperament faults which are the result of lack of training or abuse by the owner. In addition, seller is not responsible for any damages or bodily harm either directly or indirectly caused by said dog.

Additional conditions:

Buyer(s)                                                Sellers

_______________________        __________________________


_______________________            _______________________

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